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Own the Play!
Now you can own a copy of the acclaimed
play. First 10 copies will be signed by the author!

Only $10.00 (Free S&H)


      Bravo!! Thank you for inviting me to your play. "Borderline" was amazing! Novel
              concept, well executed, hilarious at times, sad and gripping at others, and
     much more. I really enjoyed it, great job! Thank you for having me as your guest. 

      I just wanted to congratulate you on an amazing show! Wow! Such an
      interesting concept. The play was creative, inspiring, and thought provoking.

      A phenomenal presentation of your hearts work. Very deep, slightly dark and      
      tremendously real, thank you

      Seriously the best play I've seen in ages!

      Shervin, the play was great last night. Thank you so much for the tickets,
     we had a great time. I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed it myself..I
      don't know if it was the actors, the lights, the director or what lol but you are
      really talented.! Whomever missed out like I said, missed out crazy.
      Cant wait for your future shows.

      Great play last night!!! Your mind is so intricate.

      What an original, thought-provoking fabulous play you created! Couldn't stop
     thinking about it and it stimulated memories for me of people that have
     entered my life.

      I was so impressed with the emotional complexity & unexpected twists in the
      play- it was completely unexpected & yet with you, I knew it was going to
      be a completely unique, never been done original & it was brilliant!

      I simply loved it!!!! I don't want to give anything away by expressing what I most
      enjoyed about the play, but it was well done, excellent acting and
      emotionally intense!!!