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"The two leads do outstanding work in tandem with each other. Kjornes brings a lively, sarcastic intelligence and sensitivity to the black lump. Perry makes Peter a questioning, passionate man, strong yet emotionally vulnerable."   - TOLUCAN TIMES

(In order of Appearance)

Ali Tobia stars as Lydia in "Borderline" A Play by Shervin Youssefian

Ali Tobia (Lydia / E)

Ali performed in her first play at age seven.  In high school she worked as an
apprentice with the Princeton Rep Shakespeare festival and actively performed in
locally shot films, school plays, and extra-scholastic theater.  She received her BFA in Drama from New York University Tisch School of the Arts in May 2008 and upon graduating was discovered at a coffee shop by renowned actor Vincent D’Onofrio.  He cast her in his directorial debut, Don’t Go Into The Woods.  Ali currently lives in
Los Angeles where she continues to act in theater, film, and rigorously pursue training in her craft.

Contact Manager Andrew Howard at AHoward@Shelterpeople.com
Kris Kjornes stars as Black Lump in "Borderline" A Play by Shervin Youssefian

Kris Kjornes (The Black Lump)

Kris began acting at the age of eight with the assistance of his father, screenwriter/producer Keith Kjornes. His first real commitment to the craft was in his early high school years attending the theatre department programs that were locally provided at Southwest High School in Fort Worth, TX. With self-study and the right environment of professionals, he started landing lead and supporting roles in short and feature length films. Today Kris's passion continues to burn brightly. He remains dedicated to the craft, enjoying the thrills and excitement in the land of milk and honey.

Contact Manager Steve Smith stevesmith@stagecoachproductions.com 


Gavin Perry stars as Peter Slovak in "Borderline" A Play by Shervin Youssefian
Gavin Perry (Man / Peter Slovak / P)

Gavin Perry is a native Texan who has worked on movies such as "Boys Don't Cry" and "The Newton Boys". He has recently shot episodes of "Surviving Disaster" for Spike T.V and "Lost Tapes" for Animal Planet. He will also be appearing in "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" for Discovery Health. His theater background has included productions of "Suburbia" and "Hair" as well as a number of original works. 

Contact Agent Lisa Berman at bookem@bermansacks.com

Ranya Jaber stars as Young Lydia in "Borderline" A Play by Shervin Youssefian

Ranya Jaber (Lydia as a child)

Ranya has been performing musical numbers since the age of 4 with the Los Angeles based "Sunshine Generation" performing arts group, that travels to different venues throughout the Los Angeles area. She recently finished shooting her first film "Baram and Hamza" and her first webisode "Larry Labrat". Ranya has also done done print work for Intel Corporation and PetSmart. Ranya is very excited to be a part of "Borderline", which, besides various school plays, will be her first theatrical endeavour.

Contact Darlene at darlenejaber@msn.com

Franklin White stars as Ben in "Borderline" A Play by Shervin Youssefian
Franklin White (Ben)

Franklin is an actor and comedian from the Los Angeles area.  His roles include
Marquis de Sade in Marat/Sade; Dean Jenkins in We Ain't Too Pretty, We Ain't Too Proud;  Hortensio, in Taming of the Shrew; Lou in 1940's Radio Hour (for which he won an Aubrey Award), and Norman in The Boys Next Door.  He also has commercial and musical experience, and is a veteran of the long-form comedy improv group, Pull Up Smyron.  He is excited to be working with this amazing creative team on Borderline!

Contact Franklin at Franklin.White@gmail.com 

Ian Brown stars as Daniel in "Borderline" A Play by Shervin Youssefian

Ian Brown (Daniel)

Ian is a Maryland Native who moved to Los Angeles shortly after completing his
Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He has
made appearances in such plays as David Hare’s Fanshen, Jeff Goode’s Ubu/Ubu
in America and Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing to name a few. He can be
seen in the popular Web Series Afterbeer. Ian is also a stand-up comedian and a
member of the comedy group Sketch It to the Man. He is excited to be working with
the cast and Director of “Borderline” and hopes you enjoy the show!

Contact Ian at dickgenola@gmail.com

Haile D'Alan Tsalani stars as Colorado433 in "Borderline" A Play by Shervin Youssefian

Haile D'Alan Tsalani (Colorado433)

Haile (pronounced hi-lay) is a native of Chicago by way of Austin, TX.  He is currently studying at the Gloria Gifford Conservatory. Haile has performed at the famed Matrix Theatre in The GGC Players Showcase in a scene from Ordinary People directed by Gloria Gifford. Haile has been acting professionally for 3 years, has booked several films, four national commercials and has voiceover experience as well. Haile will also be appearing in a production Frederick Knott’s Wait Until Dark at The Glendale Centre Theatre opening in October. Red Talent represents him theatrically and Brass Artist & Associates represent him commercially.  He is happy to be working with a fun group of talented, professional artists and is thankful to Shervin for this opportunity.

Contact Haile at ctsalah@yahoo.com


Brian Sipkovich (Freddy)

Brian is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach where he received a BA in Theatre Arts. Recently Brian moved to LA from Orange County to pursue his acting and Music Career. In addition to acting, Music and writing are also strong passions of his. Past theatre performances include: A Few Good Men, Hamlet, Grapes of Wrath, The Crucible, The Boyfriend, The Diviners, Diary of Anne Frank, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, West Side Story, The Golden Dream, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,Choc Follies - 2005, The Liar, Into the Woods, Scintille Futuriste, and Dream of a Common Language. Brian is always excited to be a part of an original piece of work and hopes that the audience has a great experience from the show.  

Contact Brian at briansipkovich@yahoo.com


Brent McCoy stars as Uncle Tony in "Borderline" A Play by Shervin Youssefian
Brent McCoy (Uncle Tony / Manager's Voice)

Brent was born in England, raised in Massachusetts. He began acting in the mid
80s. Moving to Austin, TX in 2002 where he continued to act, booking roles in the movie "Infamous," and the independent feature "Guilty." Brent moved to Los Angeles to
study at the Howard Fine Actors Studio, where he is currently enrolled. Brent
continues to act in theatre and film in the Los Angeles area.

Contact Brent at bamccoy@mcmanning.com


Pat Pattison stars as William in "Borderline" A Play by Shervin Youssefian
Pat Pattison (William)

Pat has been a TV, Film & commercial actor for a number of years. Pat’s most recent film role was co-starring as the priest , Father Ingnatius, in the feature film “Still Cries the Soul” by Indian Director Riju Sam. “Borderline” is his first theatrical production. Pat has studied classical theater at A Noise Within-Glendale, under Deborah Strang and TV drama with Marnie Saitta. Recent TV appearances of Pat’s include “Mystery E.R.” and “Unusual Suspects” in featured roles. 

Contact Pat at patsoffice@earthlink.net

Creative Team

Shervin Youssefian introduces "Borderline" An original 2-Act Play set inside a woman's head.

Shervin Youssefian (Writer/Director)

ver bumped into a waltzing hippopotamus on the dance floor, or crossed paths with a faceless crowd? Sounds like an ordinary day for Shervin Youssefian who has made a career out of bringing his strange imaginations into reality. While still in high school, Youssefian's hyper-active imagination flourished when he directed his class-mates in short films which he premiered at the end of each class session.

Today, Youssefian continues to mature his filmmaking prowess as a commercial
director at Spot On Media, a Production Company based out of Glendale, CA.  Youssefian's unique artistic sense and sensibilities have kept him working non-stop
since his arrival on the commercial production scene in 2004. With over 100
commercial productions under his belt, both local and national, Youssefian's portfolio includes projects for Nissan, ING, Life Alert, ABC, Honda, and more.
In addition to commercial productions, Youssefian has also directed a number of award-winning short films, including the Hollywood Foreign Press Fellows Award which he picked up for "Color Blind" in 2002. In 2004, he followed with "5.6 Seconds" an intimate look at Lee Harvey Oswald on the day of Kennedy's assassination.

"Borderline" is an original 2-Act play by Youssefian and his theatrical debut.

Contact Shervin at shervin@30mind.com  

Joe O'Neil does Set Designer for "Borderline" A Play by Shervin Youssefian


Joe O'Neil
(Set / Lighting Designer)

Joe recently moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Carnegie Mellon Universty in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a BFA in scenic design. Joe's credits include set designs for Dario Fo's /Accidental Death of an Anarchist/ and the world premiere of Australian theatre director and cabaret performer Robyn Archer's original Brechtian musical review,
/Tough Nut Cabaret/. In 2008 Joe was selected as the production design and art direction intern with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, a prestigious internship that is consistently rated as one of the top 10 in the country. Joe enjoys designing for film, television, and theatre and is also a nationally ranked foosball player.

Contact Joe at joe@joeoneil.com  

Talin Vartani (Costume Designer)

As a Costume Designer/Wardrobe Stylist, Talin is very passionate about her work.  Talin works closely with Writers, Directors and performers to capture their vision in costume and bring the characters to life. She attended Cal State Northridge, B.S. International Business and is currently enrolled at FIDM studying Merchandise Product Development.

Talin has worked on projects for Spot On Media, LA Fashion Corner 2007-2008, Perez Hilton Video Shoot, Editorial, Sterling Williams. Her upcoming film is entitled "Geraldine."

Contact Talin at talinvartani@gmail.com